The Story

The Art of Design
Elegance, femininity, romance and tradition have all inspired Saturn's most enduring bridal collection to date. Influenced by the strong demand for vintage jewelry, this exquisite collection has become an ever-growing favorite among brides - and for good reason. While some manufacturers have simply copied existing vintage pieces, our designers have taken a fresh, new creative approach. Analyzing the intrinsic appeal of these classically elegant designs, they realized that today's brides not only love the romantic appeal of Edwardian and Art Déco jewelry, but want an updated approach, one that reflects their individualistic spirit.
With this in mind, the Saturn designers created a line of bridal jewelry that is as innovative as it is timeless, and as romantic as it is free-spirited. Imbued with the classic elegance of the Edwardian and Art Déco styles, each piece is destined to become a classic in it is own right; a treasured heirloom that will be handed down for generations to come. So, whether you're looking for a classic wedding set, an elegant Eternity band, or to remount a cherished center stone, Saturn Jewels has over 400 original designs of semi-mounts and eternities to choose from. It's simply the most extensive "vintage" collection available anywhere.

The Edwardian Years - 1901-1910
As the name implies, the Edwardian era was the period during the reign of King Edward VIII, son of Queen Victoria. Jewelry from this period was designed to be as delicate as possible in order to blend with the lace, silk and other hallmarks of the Edwardian woman. There was extensive use of filigree, combined with floral and paisley motifs. Millgrained setting (the beading of metal around diamonds) was also extremely popular during these years. The intricate and lacy designs of Edwardian jewelry led jewel-smiths to use Platinum extensively, hence advancing the art and science of this precious metal as a basis for today's high-end jewelry.

The Era of Art Déco - 1920-1939
The term "Art Déco" was coined in the 1960's by an art critic and historian named Bevis Hiller. However, the style actually soared to popularity during the 1925 "Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs Industriels et Modernes," a global exposition that was held in Paris, France. Art Déco is distinguished by the extensive use of geometric patterns. Many pieces contain heavy influences from ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman motifs, as well as the Far and Middle East. In spite of so many different and varying influences, there is an inherent simplicity of style and shape in all Art Déco designs. Platinum was the metal of choice for most jewelers of this era, due to its subtle beauty, strength and its ability to be fashioned into intricate designs.

The Saturn Story
Saturn Jewels was established in 1984, in New York City. We are a family-owned business and our goal, from the beginning, has never changed: To provide our customers with extraordinary service and truly magnificent, original designs… innovative designs such as our exclusive line of Platinum vintage-style engagement rings, semi-mounts and Eternity bands. Saturn's unique bridal collection has captured the hearts and minds of quality-conscious, Style savy buyers around the country. Inspired by an artistic blend of Edwardian and Art Déco styles, each piece is designed and manufactured right here, in our own premises.
For over two decades, our consistent quality, innovation, dependability, and unrelenting commitment to meeting deadlines have garnered a high-degree of recognition from many of the most respected names in the jewelry industry. And it is for these same reasons that we have earned the trust and loyalty of our many long-term customers… customer who we consider to be part our extended family. We cherish these relationships and invite you to experience the extraordinary service and magnificent designs that are the hallmarks of Saturn's tradition of excellence.

The Saturn Pledge
Everyone at Saturn Jewels is committed to providing you with outstanding service and truly magnificent, original designs. Due to our steadfast dedication to exceptional quality workmanship, creative artistry, and unrelenting excellence, the people at Saturn have proudly garnered a well-earned reputation for consistently being "the best in our field." And that is our pledge to you: To provide our clients with the very best workmanship, quality, service and design.

Special Orders
Special orders comprise a major part of Saturn's business. Nearly all of our mountings can be redesigned and/or modified to accommodate virtually any size or shape center stone. And in many cases, additional design modifications are also possible. Our exquisite Eternity bands can, in most cases, be made to fit any size. And most importantly, because we create each piece on our own premises, you'll get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Made in the U.S.A.
It's not just a slogan at Saturn Jewels. We design and manufacture all of our jewelry in the U.S. By doing so, we maintain strict quality control, a consistently high-degree of workmanship, and our customers get faster delivery times. Special orders are processed in 2 to 3 weeks, as opposed to 2 to 3 months from overseas.
It's important to note that a great deal of the bridal jewelry that comes from the orient is mass-produced, making the designs more common and the workmanship of a lesser quality. In order to bring costs down, oriental manufacturers often utilize inferior grade (SI) diamonds, as well. Settings are frequently made from 18K white gold instead of Platinum, which is a far more desirable metal for bridal jewelry. (See: Why Platinum?) By choosing Saturn's American made jewelry, not only are you supporting American labor and the American economy, but you are getting masterful craftsmanship and superb designs.

Why Platinum?
18K white gold is 75% pure gold which, unto itself is very yellow. To give it a whiter appearance, the gold is combined with 25% alloy metals. In reality, however, the resulting color is actually a very pale yellow. Therefore, in order to make white gold truly white, it is plated with a metal called rhodium. Unfortunately, over time, the rhodium plating tends to wear off and the yellowish color starts to reappear. To make the piece white and shiny again, it needs to be re-polished (which also removes some of the gold) and then re-plated. For jewelry that is worn a great deal, such as wedding rings, etc., keeping them looking "white" can be an on going challenge. Furthermore, gold is inherently a soft metal, so it has the tendency, over time, to actually wear away.
To the contrary, Platinum 950, (used in quality jewelry) is 95% pure, and is a white metal to start with. The other 5% is either ruthenium or iridium, both of which are also white in appearance. Platinum jewelry has no trace of yellow, hence eliminating the need for plating. And unlike gold, Platinum does not oxidize and will always retain its beautiful white color. It is denser, stronger, more durable and more resistant to abrasion than 18K white gold. Since Platinum does not wear away, it provides a more secure setting for precious stones. Platinum is also less prone to allergic reactions than gold. And while gold jewelry is certainly beautiful and will always retain its place in fine jewelry, the metal of choice for bridal sets is, without a doubt, Platinum.

Diamond Quality
Saturn Jewels grades every diamond we sell for clarity, color, and cut. Each stone must meet our exacting standards with the minimum being VS clarity and G color, or it is rejected. Special attention is also given to the overall cut, as the better the cut, the more brilliant the diamond.